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If you are getting divorced, there’s a much better way to proceed than fighting over everything. You can use mediation or other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques to find a much more amicable and cost-effective path toward your new family structure.

I’m Mike Black, a veteran mediator who has helped hundreds of people end their marriages with dignity, using ADR procedures. Give me a call at 651-222-2587 to talk about your specific situation. Based in St. Paul, I serve clients in Ramsey County and throughout the Twin Cities.

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Skilled Guidance In Using ADR To End Your Marriage

The divorce process in Minnesota now allows divorcing couples to use mediation, arbitration and other ADR procedures to resolve issues efficiently, affordably and in a manner that best suits each family’s specific needs.

As a former family law attorney, I’ve personally seen how transformative this way of proceeding can be. I’ve helped hundreds of people use ADR to resolve issues effectively, in ways that minimize conflict and expense while promoting health for the future.

You and your family would do well to consider this approach.

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I am attorney Mike Black, and I have been working in family law since 1978. For more than 40 years, I have watched the function of a divorce attorney shift and change. Now, mediation is a much more common, practical route to take in order to settle a divorce efficiently, affordably and in a manner that best suits each family’s specific needs.

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