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Child support is typically determined by a set of guidelines established in a statute adopted by the Minnesota Legislature. While these guidelines are helpful and necessary, they often result in a formulaic number which does not address the needs of every family and situation. Every situation that families face cannot possibly be addressed by an arbitrary child support calculator.

For example, if parents decide on joint physical custody with an equal parenting schedule, the guidelines are not always useful and often complicate matters further. Minnesota courts allow for deviation from the guidelines as long as parents adopt a solution that serves the best interests of their children. As your child ages, his or her monetary needs will change and modifications will become necessary. The mediator you choose must have the experience necessary to anticipate the complex layers of child support.

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I am attorney Mike Black, and I have more than 35 years of experience representing individuals as they navigate their divorce and the family law issues that follow. I am now focusing my practice on acting as an ADR neutral. I believe that child support guidelines are an excellent option to fall back upon, but they should not be the only factor in addressing the financial needs of your child.

As a qualified mediator, I can help you and your spouse determine a child support agreement that will best serve both parents and your children in your unique situation. Since 1996, I have worked with hundreds of individuals as they fashioned a creative, enforceable divorce decree that goes far beyond what the court could offer on its own.

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