Divorce Through ADR

Divorce is one of the worst experiences people can endure in their lives. Emotions are scattered and hard to manage as individuals try to grasp at a future they find wholly uncertain.

Instead of panicking and getting ahead of yourself, you should focus on developing a plan. It does not matter if this plan is perfect, just that you have a plan in place. I can help you refine and mold this plan into something that will best serve you and your children throughout the divorce process.

I seek to help you establish a peacefully negotiated process for deciding key issues in the divorce agreement, targeted toward a mutually agreed-upon resolution. By having buy-in from the onset, couples can part ways amicably and lay a foundation for co-parenting well through the future.

Select An Experienced Ramsey County Child Custody And Support Attorney

If you want to take control of your divorce process, a divorce mediator is a viable option. Family law judges do not have the time to learn every detail of your marriage and how it plays into your divorce. They are also limited in the rulings they are allowed to make. By choosing mediation, you are taking the reins, saving yourself money, and giving yourself the opportunity to creatively make decisions about your future and the future of your children.

I have more than 35 years of experience working in family law as a St. Paul divorce attorney, and I have provided mediation services in more than 1000 cases, most of which have been referred to me by other attorneys. By approaching the problem in a straightforward, down-to-earth manner, I am able to help people get to the best outcome possible.

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You can choose to contact me via email, but a short phone conversation can typically address many of the questions that potential ADR clients face. Call my St. Paul office at 651-222-2587.