Dividing Property Through Mediation

Minnesota law states that when dividing property after a divorce, it must be done equitably. Equitable distribution often translates into an equal split of the assets accumulated during the marriage.

Complications present themselves when determining how to quantify assets in order to plan for an even split of property. This can be one of the most arduous processes within a divorce. The lawyer you choose should have experience and be detail-oriented while investigating your assets and property.

Choose An Experienced Ramsey County Division Of Marital Property Attorney

I am Mike Black, and I have more than 35 years of experience as a St. Paul property division attorney serving the metro area. I understand that you are facing an emotionally overwhelming and financially debilitating situation. By approaching the process with a results-based mindset, I am able to help couples obtain the best results possible.

When dividing property, you must determine the value of your:

  • Defined benefit plan
  • 401(k) and other retirement accounts
  • Business
  • Real estate and any other property
  • Debt, including tax debt

Mediation is a viable alternative for determining property division. By allowing a mediator to guide you through the process, you will be saving money and have greater control over the outcome. I have access to a variety of specialists who can help assess and advise how to navigate the challenges that may arise throughout the process. By offering perspective and straightforward legal guidance, I am able to help couples obtain the best results possible.

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