Every potential client is concerned about what it will cost to hire me as a neutral, and justifiably so. You are entitled to as much information as you need regarding the cost of my services, and I am committed to providing that.

Mediation fees: My fee as a mediator is $300 per hour. I charge for the time spent in mediation sessions with the parties, in preparing summaries of each session and preparing the mediation agreement. Fees are payable at the conclusion of each mediation session and are usually divided equally by the parties – although parties often decide to allocate them differently.

Arbitration fees: My hourly fee for arbitration work is $300, and is usually divided equally between the parties. I typically request an advance retainer payment at the beginning of the process, which is based on the specific needs of the case.

Parenting consultant/expediter fees: My hourly fee for this service is $300, which is usually divided equally by the parents. I will request an advance retainer payment in each case.

Retainer: All retainer fees are deposited in a trust account, which holds funds that belong to my clients. Each month I provide clients with an itemized statement documenting the services I have performed, the date and the amount of time involved. This statement will show the amount debited from your retainer fee. Additional retainer fees may be required, depending upon the case. On the other hand, money remaining in the trust account at the end of the case is refunded to the clients.

I accept credit card payment for my fees, including Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. I encourage clients to contact me with questions or concerns regarding billing. I am always ready to make adjustments to the billing statements when it is warranted.

You can pay my fees using the payment function on this site.