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Why Divorce Mediation Makes Sense

If you are facing divorce, there are many benefits from choosing mediation rather than traditional litigation to resolve the issues.

I am Mike Black, a mediator who has helped hundreds of couples through the divorce process. In hundreds of cases, I’ve provided mediation that allows for more efficiency, privacy and flexibility than the traditional court-driven divorce process allows.

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Is Mediation The Right Fit For You?

In divorce mediation, the two parties who are ending their marriage work out the issues together, with a trained mediator to provide guidance on the process. This is very different from having the parties use lawyers in an adversarial process overseen by the court.

As mediation has become woven into family law practice, the advantages over traditional litigation in resolving divorce issues are becoming more and more evident.

The advantages include:

  • Efficiency and affordability — With a focus on the parties working together, mediation can be more efficient in resolving contested issues. This keeps costs down compared to using lawyers.
  • Privacy — The mediation process is confidential, rather than taking place in open court.
  • Flexibility — The give-and-take of mediation can enable you to arrive at a solution tailored to your specific situation, rather than as standardized.
  • Less conflict and better relationships — Because the focus is on developing a common solution, mediation tends to have less conflict than traditional litigation. This buy-in from the parties on their agreement also promotes better, more amicable relationships for the future. This is especially helpful for couples who must share custody of minor children.

How My Mediation Experience Can Benefit You

In more than 20 years of mediation work, I’ve helped more than a thousand couples take advantages of the efficiency, privacy and flexibility that the mediation process allows. Using this approach, you can end your marriage with dignity and avoid unnecessary conflict.

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