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Laying A Foundation For Co-parenting Through ADR

When determining child custody, every judge will focus on the best interests of your child. As a parent, you likely understand the importance of giving your child the best possible chance to attain the security and stability that lead to a successful life.

I am mediator and arbitrator Mike Black, and I have been representing Minnesota parents and their children in custody matters for more than 40 years . I understand the importance of spending time with your children while confidently making decisions regarding their futures. My practice is now focused on helping parents make the right decisions for children as a neutral mediator.

Every judge will stress the importance of ensuring that the child can maintain a healthy relationship with both parents, absent some risk of harm to the child. It is common for parents to get caught up in the meaning and the logistics of the label of sole or joint legal custody and sole or joint physical custody. As a mediator, I believe it is important and far more productive to fashion a parenting relationship first, and apply the appropriate label afterward.

It is important to understand that both parents will make sacrifices when determining child custody and that child custody does not always determine child support. This process is essential and always about giving your children what they need.

Choose A Ramsey County Child Custody Mediator To Create Your Own Plan

Due to the intricacies involved in child support and the unique relationship each parent has with his or her child, mediation and alternative dispute resolution can be preferable options for parents who want to personally tailor their child custody agreements to fit their children’s needs. The court is often constrained to follow arbitrary rules with little room for flexibility. In mediation, however, both parents can tweak these labels and even create their own.

These methods allow parents to sit down and discuss how they would like to structure custody and visitation. Not only is this a more amicable path to the custody agreement, granting both parents equal buy-in, it lays a solid foundation for co-parenting through the future.

I have worked with more than 1,000 individuals, mediating their divorces and other disputes. When guiding both parties through the mediation process, I focus on results and obtaining them efficiently.

Contact Mike Black For More Information

To speak with me, contact my firm via email or phone. A short phone conversation will likely help you understand your options and what next steps are available. Call my St. Paul office at 651-222-2587.