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Court-Appointed Early Neutral Evaluation

If you are involved in a family court case, the judge will give you an opportunity to volunteer for an early neutral evaluation (ENE). This is a process that allows you and your attorneys to work with a trained neutral to assess the likely outcome of your case and offer ways of resolving the matter without a court confrontation.

There are two types of ENE:

  • Social early neutral evaluation. This process is handled by two trained evaluators, a legal professional and a mental health professional, usually in the form of a male/female team, who give both parents the chance to offer their views on what is best for the children. The evaluators do a shortened form of a full custody evaluation and give their recommendations on how best to resolve the issue. This leads to a settlement discussion between the parents and the chance to make an agreement. I have taken the formal training and am available for appointments to these cases.
  • Financial early neutral evaluation. This process is handled by a single trained legal professional who does an assessment of all the financial issues in the case and assists the parties in coming up with a resolution in one or two sessions. If there is no agreement, the evaluator offers a recommendation on the best outcome.

I have been trained in these skills and been doing these evaluations for many years. I am a member of the FENE rosters in Ramsey and Hennepin counties. I have been handling several of these matters every month.

If standard mediation is not suitable for your case, please consider SENE or FENE in your case.

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