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St. Paul Parenting Time Mediator

Spending time with your children is important. After a divorce, both parents will be required to compromise. There is only so much time to go around for each parent. The calculations that go into allocating weekends, holidays and vacations can be overwhelming. It is therefore essential that you collaborate with your co-parent to create a plan that will serve your child’s best interests.

Consult A Thorough Ramsey County Child Visitation Rights Mediator

I am Mike Black, and I have more than 40 years of experience representing Minnesota individuals throughout their divorce proceedings, now limiting my practice to work as an ADR neutral.

It is impossible for judges to devote the time necessary to listen to and absorb the intricacies involving your needs and those of your children, in order to come up with a perfect parenting time decision. They are confined to using basic and limiting formulas to determine parenting time, which often result in off the rack schedules. By making use of mediation, you can take the control back into your hands. A qualified mediator can help you draft a detailed schedule which will suit your specific needs and those of your children, fostering the best possible relationship with each parent.

I have been offering parenting time mediation services since 1996. In that time, I have worked with more than 1,000 sets of parents to help them obtain an outcome that is the best possible arrangement for their children. The end results are often far better and more suitable for the individual and unique needs of your family than what is possible after a court contest.

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To speak with me, contact my firm via email or phone. A short phone conversation will likely help you understand your options and what next steps are available. Call my St. Paul office at 651-222-2587.