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Moderated Settlement Conference

In the later stages of a divorce action the court will sometimes order the parties to participate in a moderated settlement conference. This conference is scheduled at the courthouse within a few weeks before the trial is to start. The judge is on hand to give feedback to the parties and to hear and approve any agreements they reach.

The court will appoint a moderator to act as the neutral in this conference. The moderator will use a mediation-type process with an evaluative approach, designed to get the parties to come to an agreement and avoid the uncertainty and expense of a trial. Sometimes the attorneys and the moderator will submit carefully framed questions to the judge to get some assistance with settling a particular issue.

This process can be an effective way to get to a resolution. I am Mike Black a highly trained ADR professional. I have served as the moderator in many of these cases, especially in Ramsey, Hennepin, Washington and Dakota counties. I have been trusted by many lawyers and judges with helping people finalize their divorce without a contested trial.

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I like to get some background on the case and have input on the court order before accepting an appointment as an arbitrator or CSM. To speak to me, contact my firm via email or phone. A short phone conversation will likely help you understand your options and what next steps are available. Call my St. Paul office at 651-222-2587.