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Dispute Resolution By A Consensual Special Magistrate

If the stakes are high in your divorce and the process of resolving issues seems stalled, you may want to consider using a consensual special magistrate (CSM).

I am Mike Black, a highly trained mediator and ADR professional with experience as a CSM. Please call 651-222-2587 to learn more about this procedure and how I may be able to help in your specific situation.

Based in St. Paul, I serve clients throughout Ramsey County and across the Twin Cities.

How Does The CSM Process Work?

A consensual special magistrate is a specialized, court-appointed role in which the parties ask a third-party neutral to make a decision on contested issues.

In effect, the CSM acts as a private judge in making a decision on the issue that is submitted by the parties

Court review of the CSM’s decision can be included in the process. But a court order is necessary to appoint a CSM, and both parties must agree to the appointment.

Unlike arbitration, the CSM decision is filed as a court decision and can be reviewed on appeal in the Minnesota court system.

Getting A Decision In Your Case

Cases that go through a CSM tend to have a lot riding on them. The issues can include requests to modify spousal maintenance, as well as matters concerning child support, child custody and property division.

If you need a decision in a timely manner, using a CSM can be part of the tool kit to consider in finding a way to move forward. I am very familiar with this process and can help you weigh your options — and serve as a CSM if the parties request such an appointment from the court.

To reach me, call my office or complete a brief online form.